Колледж директоры және орынбасарлары.

Директор колледжа со своими заместителями обсуждают о внедрении инновационных методов обучения в учебный процесс.

\"Тігінші\"мамамандығының білім алушылары оқу-өндіріс сабағында.

Обучающиеся специальности\"Швея\"во время производственного обучения.

\"Аспаз\" мамандығының білім алушылары оқу-өндіріс шебері Серғали Шынармен.

Обучающиеся специальности\"Повар\"во время производственного обучения с мастером Сергали Шынар.

\"Автослесарь\" мамандығының білім алушылары оқу-өндіріс шебері Абдыкалыков Рүстеммен.

Обучающиеся специальности\"Автослесарь\"во время производственного обучения с мастером Абдыкалыковым Рустемом.

\"Газэлетрдәнекерлеуші\" мамандығының білім алушылары оқу-өндіріс шебері Абдиев Вали Ташбекұлымен.

Обучающиеся специальности\"Газоэлектросварщик\"во время производственного обучения с мастером Абдиевым Вали Ташбековичем.



Having mastered the profession - cook, you can prepare meals and culinary products from fish, meat, clear broth of chicken meat, vegetable soups, stuffed apples, potato dishes, etc., as well as learn the recipe of cooking techniques and culinary products requiring complex processing . Learn the preparation of national, corporate, and foreign dishes.

Graduates receive the qualification of "cook" category 3-4

Having mastered the profession "welders" you can make manual arc welding, plasma, gas, automatic and semi-automatic welding simple parts and structures made of structural steels, non-ferrous metals and alloys. Graduates receive the qualification "welders" 3-4 discharge.     Learning to trade "mechanic on car repairs" You learn to understand simple units and units of vehicles, carry out simple locksmith operation manual disassembly, repair and assembly of the elementary units of the car, to make Cutting, splicing and soldering wires to determine the quality of work performed. Graduates receive the qualification of "technician repair the vehicle" category 3-4 Having mastered the profession tailor, fashion designer, seamstress, you will be able to master the technology performance of garments and their range of products, modern manufacturing methods, the top female, male technology, light women's and children's clothing, regulatory and technical documentation, sewing materials and their properties. Perform all kinds of work for the production of garments according to individual orders, execute orders for the production of the Kazakh national clothes, to make the restoration and repair of clothing. Graduates are qualified: Taylor 3 - 4 digits. Studying profession "electrician" you will learn how to repair electrical appliances, motors, generators, switchgear equipment of electrical networks and devices. Perform installation (dismantling), maintenance and repair of electrical power and lighting with electrical circuits of medium complexity, complex lighting equipment. Graduates receive qualification: electrician 3 - 4 digits.     "Tech-service computing devices", "computer operator" The objects of professional programmer technician are working in data centers in the departments of information processing of the various ministries, departments, enterprises, firms and commercial struktur.Vidy professional activity: the development of software for creation and maintenance of databases and information retrieval systems, computer science teaching and programming in secondary and secondary vocational schools, the creation of programs for scientific and economic challenges; use the PC standard software and other activities related to the use of information technology.[:]